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Importance & Role of Aftercare for Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment Clients and DUI Offenders

Have you ever struggled with referring clients to aftercare? The aftercare dilemma can be extremely challenging—mandated clients will oftentimes show resistance to your aftercare recommendations, and you’re challenged with the important decisions on how to curate the best, most effective and time efficient aftercare plan for your client. How can you make the referral seamless and less stressful? What do you do during an aftercare session, and what resources are available to ensure fidelity as well as individualization?  When is an appropriate time to discharge your client? These, and many more questions, all to be answered in the training. Purchase this training here, to ensure you’re successfully navigating the aftercare journey with your clients.

    • CE Completion Certificates Available Upon Completion 
    • Continued Education Units: 5 Hours (5) CEU’s  
    • This training is approved by ICB, Illinois for (5) Continued Education Units


PRICE: $50.00

Clinician Aftercare Manual and Companion Workbook

This Clinician Aftercare Manual and Companion Workbook will assist you with addressing the needs of your clients through the aftercare process. What to do in the session, how to work through a slip or a relapse, and more!  

This done-for-you product is a must for your next aftercare session and/or aftercare group.  It will provide you with thought starters and done-for-you, reproducible worksheets to use with your clients.  If you are a busy and time-pressed clinician who wants to add even more quality and consistency to your substance use program, this is for you! 

Thank you for your interest in our product! We are aware that there are a wide variety of products available, and we know that you will find ours to be beneficial to your practice. Making the decision to choose the product of best fit can be challenging, but with 25 years of face-to-face experience, groups and one-on-one sessions, we’ve created a product that is simple and easy to implement, regardless of where you are in your clinical career. 

** If you have taken our Aftercare for Mandated & DUI Client CEU training, you will love this product! ** 

Note: The client workbook may only be reproduced by the clinician who purchased the Clinician Aftercare Manual. Permission to reproduce this content is only granted to the purchaser of the kit/bundle.  


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