Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching Services by a Certified People Map Trainer and a Board Certified Coach.
We currently specialize in the following areas:


We will partner with you to remove obstacles and create the relationship you want – not the relationship you have.

We can even help you to improve the relationship with yourself.


Handling Anger & Frustration Effectively

  • Learn to defuse anger by managing stress
  • Manage conflict and anger triggers
  • Decrease misunderstandings that lead to conflict both at home and at work 
  • Increase effective communication

Women's Groups

  • Women specific groups centered around healthy relationships, boundaries, goals, lifestyle and more…

Parenting Groups

  • Education groups including topics such as:
    • Ages and stages
    • Effective co-parenting
    • Styles of parenting and more  
    • Completion certificates available

Divorce Transition

  • Solution-focused coaching throughout transition
  • Relationship coaching
  • Navigating the challenges of co-parenting (groups, couples, one-on-one)

PeopleMap Training

  • Assisting teams in communication improvement and conflict resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a business owner and would like some assistance determining which candidate would be a good fit for my open position. Can you help with that?


I am a team leader and would like myself and my group to work more efficiently together with less conflict, do you help with that?


I need to develop/hone my communication skills, do you help with that?


I am going through a divorce, we have children and are struggling to get on the same page. Can you help?


I don’t want to sign up for 6 months of coaching, can you assist me in developing some skills without a long-term commitment?

Yes, we offer laser coaching. However, keep in mind, some skills take time to develop and are not necessarily a ‘one and done’.  You may derive substantial benefit from follow-up or more regular sessions to keep you on track. 

I do not live in your area. Do you offer sessions by phone, Facetime, or Skype?  

Yes, some coaching services we offer are able to be completed by those methods.

I am going through a divorce and am having difficulty finding my “new normal”. Is this something you can work with?

You bet. We work with people in a variety of challenging transitions.

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